Carrick Tract

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GPS: N 43 58 26.5897 W 81 4 48.3263
STATUS: Been to Carrick? Lots of sweet single track available!

Trail Information

The Carrick Tract is the best single-track in Bruce County. These soil and gravel based trails provide excellent riding conditions that are dry virtually all season long. You are able to ride according to personal skill levels, which makes this track great for beginners and seasoned riders.

These little trails are small yet mighty. Hard packed, crazy fast. Ride 'em fast when wet or dry, frontwards and backwards. Kinda like a self propelled gyrating-roller coaster machine sort of thing. No really, try it, I'm not kidding.

Season to ride:

Ride till the snow comes.

Trail Surface Type:

The trail surface is a mixture of aggregate and soil. This combination creates hard pack trail with great drainage.

What to Ride:

Johnny's Swamp of Doom is accessible from the parking area and is a great trail to begin with. If you feel that this trail is somewhat difficult, stay clear of Sleepy Hollow, My First Time, Gilly’s Galactic Speedway and Tables and Turns. Ortman’s Way is a double track trail, which is suitable for beginners and leads to Short but Sweet and Down and Out, which are considered easier trails.

Carrick Tract Map

Johnny's Swamp of Doom 1.8 km
Sleepy Hollow 2.3 km
Gilly's Galactic Speedway 1.0 km
User Groups: Mountain Bike Users Walking Users Ski Users Snowshoe Users
Joachim's Run 1.1 km
Ortman's Way 1.3 km
User Groups: Mountain Bike Users Walking Users Ski Users Snowshoe Users

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